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I <3 Faerie Organics, I'm a repeat customer; >5th order NEW
by: Kat H.

I'm 37, prone to acne, and initially stumbled onto the site because I was looking for a powder that could even my skin tone and didn't have irritating and toxic ingredients. I've been meaning to write a review for a few years, so here it goes...This review is divided into three parts:
1) my experience and tips for foundation use,
2) eye shadow experience, and
3) where to get products to enhance your faerie organics experience.

(1) This face powder - and I am speaking specifically about the maxim kind - simply delivers. I even hooked my other family members on it. For this powder to work when you are older - read, not enhance your lines - it is critical you invest in a good kabuki brush and not over apply the powder product (see bottom of post about brushes). The other good thing about this product, aside from the free sunscreen it provides, is that if I happen to fall asleep with it on after a long day at work, I'm not regretting it the next day. I have 0 break out issues with their foundations/blushes/veils; and have ordered them again and again...and again. Faerie Organics (FO) has a customer for life! FO, you have a niche in the market with your mineral foundations, so please keep at it. No one delivers such an excellent mineral-based foundation.

(2) ...And onto the eye shadows: over time, or to qualify for free shipping, I have experimented and purchased ~20 of their full sized eye shadows and ~10 of their smaller trial sized eye shadows or shimmers. Sometimes I tack it on an order to qualify for free shipping, and figure that the free shipping for the 10 dollars makes the inclusion of the eye shadow free, so why not try a new color or two for free? I have to say that all the colors you receive will be slightly different than what you see on your computer monitor. Some may apply darker (for example, "free spirit" color is more golden hued and shimmery, not taupe like the monitor shows) and some shadows will apply lighter. This is why there are trial shadow sizes, so you can try them to see if you like them. (By the way, I have ordered the color "free spirit" three times, so just because it isn't exactly matching your monitor doesn't mean you won't like it. Try some out their colors just to see if you like them. You can always gift them to friends/family if they don't work for you). I wear contacts, and am a pretty good litmus for eye makeup sensitivities. I would suggest, once again, that you invest in a good brush for eye shadow application AND experiment with wet or an oil application of their eye makeup; especially if you want a darker line on your eye. The shadows don't seem to bother my eyes, but then again, I don't tend to wear heavy amounts of makeup to begin with and apply with good brushes that are excellent at picking up and depositing the pigment without having it go everywhere. I am VERY satisfied with FO eye shadow color choices and price per ounce of product. Any other place you might shop for an organic eye shadow will be 1/3 more in price, or higher. I have compared, and this is the best value for a natural, mineral based eye shadow that I have found anywhere. Keep it up FO! I love your selection here, can blend my own colors to find one that is just what I want, and keep coming back for more!

I love faerie organics and always support them first, but one has to have mascara and other products to round out the makeup and morning routine. Here are my two places that I went to for rounding out my collection:
1) Where to get mascara and other products to compliment a faerie organic (FO) collection? I go to the 100%pure for my mascara, shampoo, conditioner or other products that faerie doesn't have or has discontinued. I do check FO to see if they have something new, but once again, I want to replace my products with natural ones, and between these two companies, I can do it.
2) Where to get a brush? I haven't tried the FO or 100%Pure brush lines, but after reading a wide assortment of reviews, I settled on a company that specialized in brushes and purchased a kabuki gold Sigma brush. Sigma brushes are not the priciest brushes out there, but they are upper range in quality. I spent hours researching brushes: Sigma is an American company, the brushes are American made, last forever, are warrantied by Sigma, are made of synthetic fibers (no animal cruelty here!), and changed the way the powder from faerie organic went on my face. [A note of caution: DO NOT buy these on Amazon or anywhere other than an authorized Sigma store. There are many knock offs out there, and many unhappy customers that bought what they thought were Sigma brushes on Amazon and got ripped off later when their brushes began falling apart and when their makeup applied no better than a Walgreen's brush.]

So, that's it everyone! Keep sparkling and supporting FO as they continue to grow as a company. We all need to help "the little guy" succeed. Complaining that "I didn't receive a free sample" or "they take forever to get back to me" is ridiculous. I can say that on some of my orders I have had free samples, and on other orders I have not; it probably has to do with how much time they have to perform a highly labor intense task of hand packing free samples (or) getting shipments out. Remember, this is a small company, NOT free shipping, 2day Amazon. I can tell you that on both my orders where I had an issue a company representative responded to my email in a timely fashion (42 hours). Also note that my orders were on non-peak, non-holiday times. Think about this small group of people that invest their hard work into this company and the holiday time they must give up to get orders out to people at that time of the year. I don't know of any other company that has this much heart or that can deliver this natural, mineral based, kind of makeup at this price point. Once again, I can't say it enough, I love love love Faerie Organics!!! If you get discouraged, just hang in there. Your products and hard work speak volumes to me.

Terrible Rash NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know what is in the foundation but I developed a terrible rash and puffiness all around my eyes. I tried to email but never heard back. I threw this mess out. I've never had such a reaction with ANY make up I've used.

by: Rachel

LOVE these products! I have been dealing with massive breakouts most of my teen years (now into my mid 30's) I have tried everything on the market, clinique, neutrogena etc etc and I continued to suffer breakouts. I tried the sample kits that Faerie offers for like $5 and was very surprised at how natural the foundation looked on my skin, the extra bonus was my face has been actually clearing up since using it! I cannot say enough good about these products, I just ordered the full sizes and plan on being a customer for life. Check out the sample sizes to start, you will not be disappointed. Also excellent customer service, they answered all of my questions and gave me lots of DIY pointers for helping my breakouts at home. A+ in my book!

Horrible NEW
by: Anonymous

Massive mislabeling, horrible customer service and the products do not deliver results as website states.

Some hits-some misses NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been using this brand for about four months. I'm 44 VERY fair and have a history of rosacea and some sun damage. I really like the coverage and have added and experimented with their different veils. Their face primer is awesome-I didn't expect to like it, but now use it every day. I can't seem to get any results from their concealer but then again, I'm happy with the coverage. Now for the misses. Their eyebrow powder was horrible. Not even close to blonde- more like red. Also, I tried their eye primer and would definitely not recommend it. It caused creases. As far as their eyeshadows go, I really wanted to like them because their color selections are great but they didn't blend easily and irritated my eyelids. On another note, I'm really disappointed by the reviews that rave about the samples people receive with their orders. I've placed multiple orders and have yet to receive a sample of any of their products.

Shipping NEW
by: Anonymous

Ordered mine over a week ago. Monday I will be reversing charges at the bank. Priority is at most 3 days. Sorry, they suck!

So Excited NEW
by: Calgary

I'm in my early 40's and have used I think almost every thing out there I for the first time in my life can see my pores its making me crazy and also everything I've tried accentuates the fine lines on face and around my eyes. I started doing a bit of research and have heard so many good things about Faerie organics so I ordered a sample kit today and will come back and post my findings in a few weeks after I receive it
Wish me luck


Going Back to BE
by: Anonymous

I know I'm in the "minority" here (no pun intended), but I don't like this makeup at all. It's cakey and actually makes me look OLD. I am of mixed African American and Creole descent, and NONE of the colors match my skin tone even remotely. They offer a whitening powder to lighten the shades, but its just simpler for me to go back to BE Golden Tan.

With BE, I ALWAYS got compliments on my skin. With Faerie, you can tell I'm wearing makeup. It does last all day (unlike BE), but I would rather reapply BE than deal with this. Not a winner in my book.

I look 5 years younger
by: 58 with very dry skin

I love Faerie Organics full coverage foundation. I have very dry skin and was skeptical of any powder. At age 58, most minerals settle in the lines in my face.

I tried Faerie Organics airbrush finish but didn't like the sheen. The full coverage goes on as light or as heavy as you like and looks like you have very healthy skin and are wearing little if any foundation.

I give my moisturizer a few minutes to 'soak in' then apply it with a synthetic brush that holds the minerals like a magnet (Cargo Magic brush) and it keeps the minerals from falling all over my clothes. My skin still looks fabulous 16 hours after putting it on. I've only been using it a few weeks, but I think my skin looks healthier even after I take it off.

The concealer doesn't work for me. It does settle into the fine lines around my eyes, but the foundation and blush are great. (I use cargo blu ray concealer and it too lasts all day.)

Ordered it
by: RachyRach

I am currently using BM(bare minerals) i would never purchase that again its made me breakout(small pimples) and the shade is much tanner they don't seem to have my shade so i am hoping this mineral powder wrks as great as the reviews say!

Compare the Ingredient Lists
by: Elizabeth

I love the mineral foundation, but when I ordered the tinted moisturizer, the ingredients were significantly different than the advertised ingredients on their website (the mineral foundation had only one discrepancy - ultramarines). The most touted ingredients of the moisturizer, horsetail and silica, are not even in the product they sent. Grapeseed oil is also absent, substituted with sunflower oil. It also contains other ingredients (which may be harmless), not listed on the website. For a company that claims "Truth in Labeling," it is disappointing. What you see is NOT what you get.

Faerie is so far so good!
by: Anonymous

I tried the samples sent and wow, what a step up from Bare Minerals. As someone with oily acne prone skin (huge pores, acne since age 5 (pre-puberty)) I have never been able to find a decent foundation that looks natural, covers, and doesn't make me break out.

I had been using MAC Studio Fix with decent results, but hated the fact that basically I was slapping nasty chemicals on my face in an effort to control the oil. I saw an ad for BM and decided to give it a shot thinking it would be the best choice I ever made. WRONG! I had the worst breakout I have had in months, and my face is still peeling, red, and itchy.

I searched online to see if anyone else had experienced this, and indirectly found Faerie. Since switching to Faerie, my skin looks flawless, clearer, and no further breakouts so far (although I'm still healing from BM).

Faerie is also truly a natural product, it is a no-brainer as to what I will be sticking with. BM may work for some, but the Mineral Veil has parabens and other irritating ingredients. I do believe Faerie is the best mineral makeup out there, for more reasons than one. You also can't beat the fact that you can try before you buy. Awesome, this company is awesome.

So far -- excellent
by: Anonymous

Great coverage; pretty finish; my problem with BE according to derm was that the particles were too fine and clogged the pores, then so deep causing cystic acne. Can't wait to see the long term benefits of this mineral makeup!

by: Dani

I searched YEARS to find a makeup that wouldn't break me out as bad as others did (ESPECIALLY Bare Minerals!) Faerie Organic mineral makeup not only stopped the breakouts, but actually makes my skin look & feel healthier (even once I take it off)! It has antibacterial ingredients that actually help clear acne. I was skeptical at first, but after trying the free sample kit then buying the whole kit I AM IN LOVE! I have no blemishes and my skin looks naturally flawless! I reccomend this makeup to EVERYONE, you won't be dissapointed. I now refuse to use anything else!

This is the best!
by: Justine

This is the only mineral foundation I will use. I have used BE, which is NOT good. And to comment on the other person who said it starts to slide towards the evening, I think they may b applying it incorrectly and putting TOO much on certain areas. You dont need alot of this and you need to make sure to use a high-quality Kabuki brush so it gets evenly distributed. This takes care of shine all day, doesnt run, makes you look fresh and flawless. And since using this makeup, my acne has cleared up, and so has the redness. I highly recommend trying the samples they provide with a mini-kabuki brush though! That is important!

by: Monique V.

I ordered the free samples and love this mineral line. The foundation feels silky and light on your face. It also offers great coverage. Since turning 30 I've suffered from adult acne and this product offers great coverage. It also stays on all day if you put the sheer veil on. I've also tried Bare Essentials - over rated, doesn't last all day and created small bumps on my face. I highly recommend faerie!

Best Mineral Makeup!
by: Shugiena

This mineral makeup not only looks natural but it has great coverage and keeps my skin from getting too oily(have a t-zone complexion). I usually have to blot my skin a few hours after applying my foundation but not at all when I use Faerie organic mineral makeup. Don't have to reapply it again later in the day since it stays on. Really liked the fact that I could buy a sample size of the makeup and try it out before purchasing the larger size. It doesn't go on feeling and looking chalky like the others.

i love this stuff!
by: Anonymous

it looks like you're not wearing any makeup at all while still covering the worst zits and making my skin look so dewy! i like the feeling that i'm not putting on a bunch of gunk of my face. i've tried bare minerals and used it for a few months...and i agree..its horrible! it gets shiny and greasy ehhh. this stuff is the same price 23 i think.

not bad
by: Anonymous

It doesnt contain the 'nasties' of BE and doesnt get as shiney either which is great. It does unfortunately start to slide towrds the evening and touch ups are necessary to prevent embarrasing patches of foundation!

I like it as well.
by: Kathy

i used bareminerals, everydayminerals, etc, but i found this to be the best one. After i heard about the bad ingredients in bareminerals, i stopped using it and this was an awesome alternative!

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