Mineral Indulgence My Dynamic Duo Review!

by Patricia

Here is a pic of my Powder Puff Dispensing Jar

Here is a pic of my Powder Puff Dispensing Jar

I just received my Mineral Indulgence order and wanted to do a review on the site that ultimately is why I tried the products in the first place. I have extremely sensitive skin. I mean fragrances, bismuth, most preservatives, all leave my skin with litte tiny bumps. My skin is also combination, I get dry patches on my cheeks and nose area as well as my forehead but the rest of my face (tip of my nose) is somewhat oily.

I have tried many other mattifers but they either irritated or did not control the shine. I happened to come across this and bought it because of the good reviews and all the good things I had heard about Mineral Indulgence.

I purchased several lip glazes as well as the Natural Finish Powder and Creme De La Creme Foundation in shade Cocoa. For anyone who is NW45 in MAC Cosmetics, Cocoa is a dead ringer. I would also say that Persian-6 in Meow makeup is also a good dupe for Cocoa.

Natural Finish powder ingredients are arrowroot powder, rice powder, kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, allantoin. Creme De La Creme is castor seed oil, olive fruit oil, vegetable emulsifiying wax, clay, shea butter,organic pomegranate seed oil, argan oil, candillia wax, caranuba wax, beeswax, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and allantoin. I LOVE LOVE the simplicity of their ingredients and the fact that they're high quality and no preservatives or fragrance!....and best of all NO MICA!

I put this on after my moisturizer and it truly does feel like silk and is surprisingly not oily at all. Next time I won't use moisturizer as I believe the Creme De La Creme is moisturizing enough on it's own. I don't typically wear makeup but I was shocked to find a CREAM foundation (which is usually not appealing to most people unless they have completely dry skin)that was not oily at all. It soaks right into my skin and while I DO set it with the Natural Finish Powder it doesn't slip and slide off my face. I find these products together provide great coverage without looking cakey and application is easy.

The Creme De La Creme comes in a screw on top (not a compact, which may be a little different for people who are accustomed to a compact). I apply this with my fingers and get even coverage. Rubbing my finger across the surface gives me medium coverage but if you want heavier coverage, use a makeup pad and sorta "dig" into the foundation. Just enough so a tiny piece of the foundation rises to the top. That tiny piece will cover your entire face. No lie. Renee gave me a sample of the Creme De La Creme prior to me purchasing the full size and the sample lasted 3 full applications.

The Natural Finish Powder I purchased was in the Powder Puff Dispensing Jar. This jar is a thousand times more convenient than the 30 gram jars, and I am really happy they introduced this to their line. This is a very mess free way of applying loose powder and is SUPER convenient if you like to do touch ups every now and then. You just (literally) pat this on your face to mattify your makeup and it does it's job. I also think that this jar is bigger than the other ones (the bottom half is pretty big). The Powder Puff Dispensing Jar is also attractive with a mirror on the top as well.

I would recommend "patting" the powder on if you use this and then gently rubbing it in your skin. All the "buffing" is unnecessary. I'm a nurse and need something that will last my long shifts and these two together is it. The only thing that would make this better is if it had spf.

Mineral Indulgence's customer service is also extremely helpful and just overall wonderful. Besides Oyin, they probably have provided me with the best customer service I've received from an online business to date. They really go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. I wasn't sure initialy whether I was Cocoa and Renee personally called me (after their regular business hours) to assure me it was the correct shade (and it was!).

All in all I love the Natural Finish Powder by itself for light coverage and preventing my skin from becoming oily...but the Creme De La Creme with the Natural Finish Powder is absolutely my holy grail.

As long as they keep up with the quality products and good customer service, I'll def be a Mineral Indulgence customer for life...my ONLY gripe is that I wish they had a retail location in Michigan! Whole Foods where are you?!It'd be MUCH more convenient for me to just go and pick my hair and makeup goodies somewhere locally instead of having to order online.


Thanks so much Patricia for such a thorough review and for providing the ingredients. I wish they would include these on their site as they seem to have a great product.

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Mineral Indulgence

The worse customer service experience one could get. They don't adhere to their terms & conditions regarding shipping. Once you make a complaint, your account is flagged and any subsequent order will be denied and your money refunded after 21 days.

Would never recommend this company to anyone even if they were the best mineral makeup company in the world.

The experience is not worth it.

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