Aveda "supposedly" Natural Hair Colour(not)

As I am allergic to any product with Ammonia & hydrogen peroxide, I decided to look into natural hair colours & I use Aveda products without any problems, however I had the patch test, it showed up nothing & proceeded to have the colour in, that was on a Saturday, in the evening I felt a slight itch, however on the Sunday morning I was in a terrible state, my scalp felt like it was pebble dashed with sores / scabs that were actually weeping, I had a complete allergic reaction, I was shocked to say the least, I am still waiting on the list of ingredients, because I have to undergo more tests now to see what else in hair colour I am allergies to.

I lost a week out of work, I had to pay over €100.00 for GP & prescription, I am still in shock & very disappointed as Aveda is supposed to use all natural ingredients( plant & herb) I know there is always a chance but with Aveda I couldn't believe it, I even stated in my email to the salon that I allergic to ammonia & peroxide, the reaction was one of the worst I have had in over 10 years, & still too young to go grey & now don't know what to do other than washes that go after 2/3 washes....


I am so sorry you had such a severe reaction to Aveda even after a patch test. I had similar issues with the patch tests and found that the test on my arm wouldn't show anything. I have better results doing the test on the skin behind my ear.

Once you determine which ingredients you are allergic to please check into the products listed on http://www.natural-living-for-women.com/natural-hair-color.html. It will be easier to find those that do not contain ammonia but the hydrogen peroxide is harder. There are a few listed that do not contain either. A good thing about the products mentioned is that they all clearly list the ingredients on their websites which may help make finding something a little easier.

If it helps there is an ingredient list for Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Color on the hair color review page listed under Aveda Hair Color Reviews.

I wish you the best.


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