Korres Eyeshadow

by Adele

Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Shimmering Eyeshadow is a single-shadow powder that comes in eight different shades (some exclusive to Sephora). I'm wondering if they are undergoing a reorganization of their product line at Korres since not only have some recent shades been discontinued but they've been inexplicably reduced from $16 to $7 apiece.

For the most part their color selection isn't terribly broad or inspired and many of the shades actually look garish as metallics. Nonetheless I am happy with 27S Golden Bronze, a shade that lends itself well to a metallic look. Used on the eyelid or just under the brow this shadow gives an elegant evening look that illuminates without being too intense. It layers well so you can decide just how much you wish to apply.

Korres has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

As per the Korres website:

Ingredients to formula development:
We avoid using and have limited non-biodegradable ingredients, such as silicones and mineral oils.

We avoid the use of parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol, ethanolamines, phalates, genetically modified organisms, phalates and triclosan, all ingredients that are believed to be harmful to the body and to nature.

We do not use ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) because it is non-biodegradable and its removal from wastewater requires special treatment.

All the extracts and vegetable oils we include among our ingredients have been certified as pesticide-free by quality control laboratories.

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