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Auto ship NEW
by: Anonymous

Thought of getting this but past experience with auto ship stopped me.

by: Anonymous

The packaging was lovely, and I got excited over the instruction dvd and free gift but as soon as I used it I noticed the concealer stuck in the lines around your eyes and was very noticeable underneath the powder, not to mention what it looked like at the end of the day! After a few days of using it I noticed my skin was red and felt itchy and now I have more pimples than I have ever had in my life and I don't have sensitive skin at all. This product is ridiculous and I can't wait to switch back to nude by nature!

by: Anonymous

So it said it would cover up rosacea, which is true...if you cake it on!The only way it covered my redness is if i put the concealer on all over my cheeks and then the powder. It also said it would look better as the day went on, but it was just the opposite. By the end of the day, I pretty much looked gross. My cousins tried it and aren't too fond of it either and they don't even have redness problems. I only recommend this if you're face is already perfect.

Product does not work and Poor Customer Service
by: Anonymous

This product did not work for me. I returned the product and requested a refund. They continued to charge my account on two additional occasions. I called 3 times. They said they did not recieve the packages so they extended the 60 day return to 90 days. At that point I still had not recieved a refund. I called again and they said they had not recieved the package back. They were not willing to work with me or even try to resolve the problem. So now I have spent approximately $80 dollars on a product that I did not like at all.

I would not recommend ordering this product for two reasons. The product was not good and when I recieved it the contents all smelled like motor oil! And then when I returned the product, I never recieved my money back like the promised guarentee and they were unwilling to work with me.

sheer cover
by: Anonymous

i bought sheer cover a couple of months ago, because of the ability to cover rosacea (redness). and i thought if it can cover a birthmark it can surely cover rosacea. I waited with excitement and was so happy when it finally came. I tried using it for a month, and I must say I was very disappointed!firstly the color was all wrong.. is was very orange and i bought the fair one. I tried using just the light one and also tried blending the two colors. Secondly even with the concealer it did NOT cover rosacea.. which makes me think the birthmark thats covered in the commercial is bull (excuse my language). I don't suffer from dry skin but even with a fat cream, or just moisturising cream it went cakey in a matter of an hour.
Yes i did send it back and yes i did get my money back .. however i still had to pay for the postage both ways.. and was left with disapointment! so in my opinion it is not worth it!

by: Anonymous

The make up is alright, but this company is scamming buyers. I purchased the 29.95 special from QVC. I thought it was a great deal! Then somewhere buried in small print they were sending a second shipment for the same as the first but the cost was $97.00 spread out in 3 installments. I thought I received another $29.95 deal so I kept it. When I finally balanced my checkbook I found debits totalling $97.84. Also they debited my credit card another $29.95 and no new product. When I finally realized I called them and a C/S Rep. told me because I didn't let them know I didn't want any more, they assumed I wanted to continue. I told her to cancel my account and give me a credit forat least the last charge. She told me when I got my package I would have to send it back and credit would be from 4 to 6 weeks!!
I know I was stupid and too trusting, but I had dealt with them before and they never did this.

dont know
by: zara

i have just ordered it n i am dying to use it

Love this product!!
by: Aiyah M.

I used to work at a Proactiv Kiosk in a local mall last year and we sold Sheer Cover. I bought this product with my employee discount and fell in love with it! I am fair skinned and I have anemia, so my skin sometimes looks greyish and dull. I also have dark circles and sheer cover fixed all my problems. I use the concealer for my dark circles and this along with the sheer cover foundation, my face looks flawless. While I was working there, people always complimented my skin and they didn't know I had sheer cover on until I would tell them. It looks very natural and blends great. The only problem is if you have dry skin, you MUST moisturize before putting this on or else you will look more dry! And be sure to not use too much because it will look cakey. I quit working there in December and bought my last foundation during that time, and now in almost July, 7 months later, I still have some foundation left. It lasts a long time! I will still continue to buy sheer cover even though it will be more expensive now that I don't get my employee discount, but it's worth it! I'll never go back to any other type of foundation!

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