Surya Henna Brasil Powder

by Janice Cáceres
(Oriskany, NY)

Surya Henna Powder

Surya Henna Powder

Surya Henna Brasil Powder (Powdered Hair Treatment)

I’ve always used either Light Mountain or Rainbow Henna products, but several months ago, I decided to give Surya Powdered Hair Treatment a try due to it’s inclusion of shakakai (see below).

Surya, like the vast majority of henna blends, is NOT 100% henna, but a combination of henna and other natural coloring agents. It does NOT contain peroxide, ammonia, heavy metals, PPD, resorcinol or parabens.

$5.59 MSRP (American). I purchase mine through and pay $3.72 (American).


Rich in Vitamin C. The oil is traditionally used for hair and scalp problems.

Promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff, and has anecdotal properties of hair loss reversal.

Henna Terminalia Belerica:
Astringent and bactericide. Used in Ayurvedic preparations.


Acacia Arabica:
Anti-inflammatory. Serves as a fixative.

Honey (packet included in product)

EWG rates this product at a 1 (low hazard), with Alma (4—type of concern classified as “Ingredient not fully labeled - identity unknown”) and Acacia Concinna shakakai (1) receiving the highest numbers due to data insufficiency. Terminalia Belerica is not in the EWG database.

The product claims that it is “guaranteed to cover gray and white hair in the first application”. I found this to be true. The treatment benefits and the shine are evident, at least in my case. Other pluses include ease of rinsing and (for me, at least) a shorter processing time.

The only thing I do differently than the instructions direct is that I do wash it out afterward with shampoo. The instructions say to wash hair before using the product and that washing afterward is not necessary.

However, I prefer the “feel” of my hair if I use shampoo when I rinse out the henna. I use WiseWays Shampoo Bar, Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One” Organic Fair Trade Shikakai Soap, or Wisdom Hair and Body Soap. I follow with a vinegar rinse I make myself with apple cider vinegar, rosemary, nettle, and horsetail (1 T. to a quart of water).

A NOTE: I ONLY use the Surya Powder. Although the crème product is touted as a natural alternative to other hair coloring products on the market, it still contains ingredients I personally would not advocate.


Your reviews are always so helpful and thorough.

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Education NEW
by: Jodie J. Duncan

Surya Henna Brasil powder is very important and have amazing effects on our hair. There are very large details about this powder in best online paper writing service articles of fashion and in this blog also. Thanks for sharing such a nice and interesting blog with us.

First time with this powder NEW
by: Jenai

This is the first time I've tried henna or this product. I liked the outcome. It was a tad messy, but I think next time I can improve this by making the paste thinner so it applies more easily. Cleanup was easier than expected. My hair feels thicker already and I can tell even with the extra time involved, I'll be doing henna from now on. I followed instructions by using a shampoo and conditioner afterward.

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