Thanks for your reviews about ACT Natural hair colour!

by Jenny
(Sydney, Australia)

ACT Naturals Products

ACT Naturals Products

I have been using Logona Colour Cream (Tizian) on my hair for the past 3 years after deciding I had had enough of dousing my head in toxic chemicals. The Logona creams are extremely easy to use (my hairdresser applies it for me). As I have very dark brown hair with grey scattered throughout, I end up with very dark brown hair with gingery/coppery streaks after using the Logona. It by no means matches my greys to the rest of my hair colour, but at least it blends in the greys with some colour and takes at least 10 years off me!

But I am always on the look-out for any new innovations in NATURAL hair colours (waiting for Logona to put some Indigo in the creams to give a darker colour!!!). I came across the ACT Naturals hair colours which sounded fantastic, but after reading the various reviews on your site, I am definitely going to stick with the Logona!

So just wanted to thank you for such a great, helpful website for those of us who want to live a healthier, less toxic life!


Thank you Jenny for your nice comments and for telling us about your experience with Logona. It's women like you who share that makes this site so much better.

I would like to clear up any confusion anyone myself included might have about Act Naturals. Act Naturals carry a product called Advanced Cosmetics Technologies which did receive a negative review on this site but there is also a company that went under the name Act by Nature. They now call themselves Palette by Nature and they have been positively reviewed.

It does get confusing though when you do a Google search for act naturals and see the link for Advanced Cosmetics which is while the link for Palette by Nature shows up as is:

So far the reviews for Palette by Nature have been positive and I wouldn't want someone passing them by because of confusion with a web link.

Care to read my review of Palette by Nature? Please visit natural hair color for info on this and other safer hair color products.

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