So Many Choices
Finding the Best Mineral Makeup?

The best mineral makeup is really a matter of personal choice.... Probably not what you wanted to hear if you came to this page looking for a simple answer. But it's the truth. Skin types and needs are all very different making it hard to suggest something that will work for everyone but there are some brands that stick out. Even if a company claims it's the best mineral makeup doesn't make it so.

Ready To Try Mineral Makeup

If you have yet to try mineral makeup and are wanting to give it a try now is as good a time as any to experiment a little and I can help you get started on the right foot. I've tried many different brands of mineral makeup and I have my favorites that I return to time after time. There are so many companies to choose from but I have some criteria to help narrow down the list somewhat. I'll let you know later which brands are my favorites.

Narrowing The Search

Finding the best mineral makeup was probably a little easier for me since I have companies contacting me about different kinds of mineral makeup and wondering if I would be interested in checking them out. That gives me exposure to some smaller brands that might be harder to find by doing a search on google for mineral makeup.

I usually check out a company using the steps below.:

  • Safe, Natural Ingredients
  • These steps can be helpful for any personal care product you are interested in buying.

      1. I look to see if a company provides a complete ingredient list right there on the same page as the product description. If not I move on. Their products might be great but I don't have time to hunt around a site for an ingredient list.

      2. I check the ingredient list for preservatives, fragrances, talc or other ingredients I don't want in my mineral makeup. I also look for bismuth oxychloride. This is a natural ingredient used in many brands. It's safe but many women find it irritating and are turned off mineral makeup because of it but there are many brands that do not use it. For a list of ingredients to avoid in any skin care product check out non toxic skin care.

      woman applying makeup

      3. I visit the Skin Deep Database and see if my product is listed. This just gives me additional info. Not all products are listed and to be honest the safest, most natural and best mineral makeup brands contain only a few natural ingredients and once you become familiar with them you just know by looking at the ingredient list that this a brand try.

      4. I look for info about any animal testing. Many sites display the leaping bunny logo. Most small brands do not do animal testing. It is however something to consider when thinking about large well know brands but these often do not make it past the first three steps.

      5. I visit review sites. Amazon is always a great resource and we have a great bunch of reviews right here on this site. Check out mineral makeup reviews. I look for positive comments from many readers and tend to ignore the occassional disgruntled customer.

      6. Now, the fun part I order samples from several different brands so I have something to compare.

    Great Ingredients But Is It The Best Mineral Makeup?

    young black woman

    Here is what you should expect from mineral makeup:

    The best mineral makeup should:

  • be available in colors to meet all complexions

  • be lightweight but provide good coverage

  • be easy to apply for a smooth, natural appearance

  • last even in humid weather

  • be easy to shop for on-line
  • Before I tell you about which brands I think offer the best mineral makeup let me first tell you a little about my skin and it's needs. I have dry, fair skin with some lines and wrinkles that I wouldn't mind being less noticeable and some dark shadows under and in the corners of my eyes.

    I have always used liquid foundation and cream concealer. Powder usually makes my skin feel dry which was my main concern when I first checked out mineral makeup and I was worried it would settle in fine lines.

    My skin has it's own special needs that of course would affect how I choose the best mineral makekup but let me add that all three of these brands have also been highly rated by women with many different skin colors and needs.

    My Three Favorite Brands Of Mineral Makeup

    I liked many different brands of mineral makeup but I was able to narrrow my list down to my top three which I consider to be the best mineral makeup. They all provide:

    easy application

    great coverage that you can adjust by applying more

    no dryness when you apply minerals as suggested with moisturizer first

    The companies below met all my criteria and then some.

  • Alima Pure
    • Great selection of colors which makes matching your skin tone easy. Affordable sample sizes and a great helpful website. This was the first brand of mineral makeup I tried and it continues to be one of my favorites.
  • Jill Iredale
    • Love the pressed minerals compact. Provides great coverage and SPF 20. Keep in mind products with a higher SPF provide a little more coverage and you may find you need less concealer. A little more expensive perhaps but well worth it and the compact is pretty and refillable.
  • Afterglow Cosmetics
    • This company makes it easier to choose the right colors with plenty of pictures and suggestions for the best colors for many different skin tones. Gave my skin a soft pretty look.

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