Should You Make The
Switch to Natural Mascara?

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Is natural mascara safer than most commercial brands of mascara?

Many questions are being raised about questionable ingredients in our skin care products and rightly so. We need to be careful and informed about products that come in contact with our skin.

We also want to look good. I know many women would be hesitant to give up their favorite brand of mascara even if it had problem ingredients but the natural mascaras being made today can compete with the commercial brands and a lot more safely.

Increasingly women are finding that they are experiencing irritation and redness if not worse reactions to mascara. Sometimes this happens as our bodies change and all of a sudden something that never bothered us is all of a sudden a problem. Or is it the synthetic ingredients in our products that are bothering us? Many people think so.

Maybe it's time to switch. Besides did you know that some of the most popular brands of mascara are made by companies that do animal testing. This is nasty business and I'm hoping you agree with me and want no part in this.

High Expectations From Mascara

We expect more from mascara than any other cosmetic product. There are a whole vocabulary of words used to describe a mascara's qualities. Words like thicken, lengthen, extreme volume, luxurious, luscious, maximize, lush, moisturize, conditioning and let's not forget waterproof are just a few of the most popular words we've all seen used.

To accomplish all this most mascaras today are made with a long, complicated list of ingredients some of them considered by Compact for Cosmetic Safety (Skin Deep) to be unsafe.

Today's Natural Mascara

  • Simple, pure ingredients.

  • Less irritation.

  • No animal testing.

  • Better formulas to create the looks we want.

  • Wax, oils and pigment, that's how mascara was made hundreds of years ago and what do you know, natural mascaras today are returning to an improved version of this same formula. Simple, pure ingredients that worked in the past and improved on for today's demands.

    Mascara Tips

    How to apply mascara for the best results.
    What is the shelf life of your mascara.
    woman applying mascara

    What to Expect From Natural Mascara?

    Unfortunately, they aren't waterproof yet. Companies are working on it but the ingredients presently being used have no place in a natural product. If you absolutely must have a waterproof mascara choose one of the safest ones you can find on the Skin Deep Database.

    I don't care what brand of mascara you buy whether conventional or natural you will find brands that work for you and some that don't. Some natural brands can flake, smear or clump just like commercial varieties. I wish we could get samples to find out how they will work but I just don't see any companies that offer that although sometimes you can find a travel size.

    You are going to find some great natural ingredients. Remember what I said above, wax, oil and pigments form the base. Plant waxes like candelilla, carnauba and beeswax, vegetable oils like linseed or calendula are used along with mineral oxides to provide color.

    If you are avoiding parabens as I am, make sure and check for these preservatives. Not every one is in agreement about parabens. Some companies choose to use these ingredients in their products. (See nontoxic skin care.)

    Great ingredients cost more. It's just a fact. Expect to pay more for your natural mascara.

    A Few Brands to Consider

  • Natural Solutions
  • A great place to shop for all kinds of natural cosmetics and skin care. They have a good selection of mascara including:


    PVP(polyvinyl pyrolidone) is a plastic that is used in commercial mascara to coat the lashes and make the mascara wear better. The creators of Suncoat have developed a sugar based biopolymer that rivals the wear-ability of the commercial stuff without resorting to plastic. Vegan.

    Real Purity

    A good choice for women who are sensitive to the chemicals in many mascara brands.

  • Gabriel Cosmetics
  • ZuZu Luxe and Gabriel Color, two separate lines of cosmetics sold at Gabriel Cosmetics offer gentle vitamin enriched mascara that's good for your lashes. Skimpy lashes? Their mascara brush has been designed to make the most of what you have without clumping. Also a vegan mascara.

    natural mascara
  • Natural Mascara
  • One of the best collections of mascara I have seen can be found on Amazon. Here you will find natural mascara from Ecco Bella, Honeybee Gardens, Suncoat and Dr Hauschka and more along with many reviews to check out. Just steer clear of products from commercial brands like Maybelline and L'Oreal.

  • All Natural Cosmetics
  • Several different brands are offered including Real Purity and Earth's Beauty which comes in a smaller travel size. Both of these products are worth considering. Real Purity is vegan. Earth's Beauty uses organic beeswax.

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