body art henna

by Renee
(Woodbridge, NJ )

I am 46 years old and have used traditional color for years because I have been grey since I was 14 years old. As time went on I had several bad reactions to hair dyes (becoming light headed,dizzy, itchy scalp). SO I turned to natural color.

I have tried different natural hair dyes and these are the ones I like the most. Aubrey Organics is great if you want to blend in gray hair. It looks natural and keeps your hair in good condition.

I also like Herbatint. It covers the gray better than any other natural dye I have used though it has hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients that some people would not like to use. I had no reaction with this dye and it made my hair super shiny. The color can come out too dark at first but, it fades a little after a couple of shampoos which is good. So I would choose a shade lighter if using this again.

The best thing I have used on my hair which is messy and time consuming is body art henna mixed with indigo. Yes, it will turn your gray hair orange if you use henna alone. Mixed with other plants like indigo you can control how dark you want the color. It also is great for your hair and will keep it in great condition.

I stopped using it because i did not like the mess or smell of the henna, but i must say when I stopped using it my hair suffered. I have dry frizzy hair and henna will make it a little dry when you first rinse it out, but after a few days with a good conditioner your hair will be soft, shiny and have great highlights. You must use body art henna that is pure henna with no other ingredients added.

There is some great info out there, but the best is The Henna Page run by Catherine Cartwright-Jones. The worst one I have used is Light Mountain it turned my hair purple. Good Luck.


Thank you Renee. Very helpful info.

I agree with her about the best info. Henna for Hair provides some of the best and most thorough information I have seen about using henna. This is a product where having the most and best info make a real difference as to how happy you are with the outcome.

For more info about this and other henna products please check out henna hair coloring.

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body art henna NEW
by: Anonymous

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Really Works
by: Anonymous

I'd been using chemical hair dyes for 5 years, when I found out I was pregnant. I stopped the chemical dyes completely and looked for a good alternative.

I tried various products, including Palette by Nature. This worked somewhat and was the only one of these trial products that I tried more than once. However, I never was able to avoid coloring my scalp.

Finally, I got onto the Henna Page ( I didn't order products through them, but followed instructions from all their info. I have dark brown/black hair and it worked. (I'm also glad that it's just plant powders I'm dealing with and no extra waste or plastic.) This was a great discovery and I am thrilled that I don't have to worry about gray hairs or chemical dyes for as long as I want to color my hair! Thank you for directing me to their website!

Red colours
by: Anonymous

Black and red colours are said to be the most carcenogenic colours you can get and even the "safe" ones are not that safe if you read up on them.

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