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Consider Henna Hair Coloring

henna hair coloring

If allergic reactions or toxic ingredients in hair dyes concern you check out henna hair coloring. When you choose the right products henna hair dye is one of the safest products to use to color your hair.

You are in good company when you use henna as it is said to have been a favorite of Cleopatra and has been used successfully for centuries by women around the world. Henna is made from the plant Lawsonia inermis and it is often combined with herbs and other plant materials to create henna hair color.

Henna conditions hair while coloring it. It will not lighten the hair but coats the strands with color that will last 3 or 4 months but you can encourage henna build up by re-applying in 4-6 weeks. Repeated use of henna adds shine and volume to hair along with vibrant healthy color.

Shopping For Henna Hair Coloring

Not all henna hair dye is the same. Some products come ready to use in a cream form while some are dry powders that must be mixed with other ingredients. No matter which type you choose read the ingredients. There are some that contain chemicals so choose your products carefully.

Application can be more labor intensive for any henna dye and not as many colors are available. Expect mostly warm color tones along with black and there is a neutral shade for shine and conditioning. Many women do seem very happy with the results but I have also seen negative reviews and problems women experience using henna on previously color treated hair.

I think you have a good chance of getting good results if you read up on this product before using it. If you have previously colored your hair make sure to find a product that says it work for this and do a strand test first no matter what the condition of your hair. There are also several other factors like if the water you use has a high mineral content that can affect the color so make sure to learn all you can before proceeding.

henna for hair e-book

Henna Products To Consider

  • Henna for Hair Body art quality henna which is said to contain a higher dye content for better and longer lasting coverage. This is the site you check out when you want to learn all about henna. Also heck out their e-book seen on the right.

  • Morrocco Method 100% natural henna products and nothing else added. Good info on application and tips for achieving the best results.

  • Light Mountain Naturals Offers a complete kit in a box, 100% natural henna, instructions, gloves and henna hat. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Logona Herbal Hair Color All natural ingredients of henna along with other botanicals for safe coloring and conditioning. A henna hair coloring kit that comes in a powder formula.

  • Consider reading Natural Hair Color Reviews for reviews submitted to this site about henna hair coloring.

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