Cleaning Makeup Brushes Is Easy
Remembering To Do It Is Hard

makeup brushes

Tips for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

1. Wet brush and apply a drop or two of facial cleanser, shampoo, or dish washing soap directly to brush. Work into brush for a minute or so and rinse until water runs clear.

2. Don't soak brushes in water as it tends to loosen the adhesive holding the bristles together.

3. Wrap brushes in towel to blot up excess moisture but don't dry that way mildew can form. Air dry by either laying flat over edge of counter allowing all surfaces to be exposed to air or stand brushes brush side up in a container to dry.

4. Keep your brushes clean. Bacteria can build up on them.

5. Makeup brushes can be expensive. Make cleaning makeup brushes a habit and they will last longer.

6. It is a good idea to clean your brushes at least once a month.

7. If you have an eye infection avoid using your brushes around your eyes so as not to spread any infection.

8. There are professional brush cleaners which some have found to be fast, quick to dry and effective. They are more costly than using what you already have on hand but they are available. Make sure to choose an environmentally friendly variety with no animal testing used for the product or the ingredients.

Make sure to know the shelf life of your cosmetics.

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