Tips For Cosmetic Safety

Simple Steps For Cosmetic Safety

  • Start with simple hygiene, a clean face and clean hands.
    This just sounds like common sense but I know that during a hurried morning routine I am not always careful about washing my hands before applying my makeup. And it is very easy to transfer germs from my hands not only to my skin but to my jars of cream or makeup containers.

  • Apply makeup with clean brushes and sponges.
    This is an area I tend to neglect. I found I was not cleaning my brushes and sponges as frequently as recommended. Most sources from dermatologists to makeup artists recommend cleaning brushes or sponges used to apply liquid makeup daily while dry powder brushes should be cleaned at least weekly.

  • Use cosmetics that come in pump bottles or squeeze tubes, when possible.
    More companies are choosing to offer their cosmetics this way. It limits exposure to air and germs which keeps cosmetics fresher and free of bacteria. And with so many natural skin care companies using fresh organic ingredients this becomes even more important.

  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
    Store out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Keeping air, sunlight and heat away helps to prevent the break down of not only the preservatives that keep cosmetic fresh but also many of the ingredients which can keep your cosmetics from working as they should.

  • Throw away any cosmetics that smell bad or have changed color.
    Cosmetics don't last forever. They lose their effectiveness with time and with improper storage, preservatives and ingredients break down.

  • By remembering these few cosmetic safety tips you will be getting the most out of your cosmetic purchases and helping to prevent any nasty infections that might occur.

    Make sure to know the shelf life of your cosmetics.

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