Are Dead Sea Products The Answer
For Healthy Skin?

Mineral rich Dead Sea products from the Middle East have become increasingly popular the last few years. Cleopatra was so impressed with skin care effects of the minerals she considered the Dead Sea her own private spa.

The Dead Sea is a unique and interesting part of the world. Located in the Middle East with Jordan on one side and Israel on the other. It is the deepest elevation on earth and the saltiest. There is no way for water to flow out but the Jordan River and other streams flow in. Much of the water for the Dead Sea comes from underground springs.

dead sea salt shore line dead sea

It is as it's name implies dead. No plants, fish or any other life exist in it. The shoreline turns white from the crystals of salt that gather. The high salt content immediately kills any fish that enter through the river or streams. But surprisingly, these crystals or mineral salts have been found to do wonderful healthy things for the skin while effectively treating psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and arthritis among other problems.

Twenty one different minerals in dead sea products have been found to have rejuvenating, healing and moisturizing effects for the skin.

They include:

  • Sodium: Helps to balance the ph of the skin and supply energy to the cells.

  • Magnesium: Enhances cell regeneration.

  • Potassium: Regulates and keeps the body's water balance.

  • Calcium: Clarifies the skin and relieves pain.

  • Bromide: Helps promote youthful looking skin with a soothing, relaxing effect.

  • These minerals and more are at work in dead sea products.

    Many women have been very happy with the effects of dead sea minerals. From dry to oily, aging to acne there seems to be something for everyone. It has been used in cleansers, toners, creams, soaps, salts and masks.

    dead sea mud One of the most popular is dead sea mud. Found to improve circulation, remove toxins and impurities, moisturize, remove dead skin cells and be effective on psoriasis, eczema, acne and wrinkles. People visit the area from all over the world to enjoy the benefits of this mud. Mud treatments are popular at local hotels and spa's.

    Healthy Skin Care From a Unique Region

    As I learned more about dead sea products, I found myself interested in the environmental aspects of production. This is a truly unique region of the world. The particular environmental conditions that exist here are not found anywhere else in the world. As you can well imagine because of the wonderful healthy benefits found in this area there is much interest in developing it.

    Spas, hotels, manufacturing plants line the shores. The Dead Sea is getting lower, drought, the heavy use of the water in the Jordan River for human needs and the use of water in the manufacturing of dead sea products seem to be to blame. Some environmentalists are concerned it is being too rapidly depleted.

    This is a complex region of the world where politics from different regions, technology and financial aspects all affect any efforts to preserve the Dead Sea. A joint effort is needed further complicating any real environmental changes. As you and I know it is hard enough gettting one group to come together on solutions. Hopefully more will be done in the near future to protect this wonderful, unique resource.

    Where to Find Dead Sea Products

    The Dead Sea is a relatively small area and there aren't that many different companies that take the dead sea minerals and turn them into skin care products. For the very best in skin care you want those that have the highest percentage of minerals directly from the Dead Sea, uses safe ingredients, are not tested on animals and are made in environmentally sensitive production facilities.

    Watch out for companies that do not provide full disclosure you could be buying products made mainly from mud from nearby waterways with small amounts of Dead Sea minerals or buying salts that include regular table salt.

    I found one that met these criteria and that is Cleopatra's Choice.

    Cleopatra's Choice Dead Sea Products Unlike some of the other sites offering dead sea products Cleopatra's Choice included all ingredients, a policy against animal testing and uses environmentally sensitive production.

    I also appreciate the free samples and flexible return policy along with a commitment to customer service.

    I did look through some of the ingredients on several of their products and did not find any high risk ingredients. As you shop for Dead Sea products make sure to read the ingredient lists and look for complete lists not a partial list or something like "ingredients include" and then check for questionable ingredients. Not sure what ingredients to avoid? Check this page on nontoxic skin care. and you can check any questionable ingredients with Skin Deep for yourself if you are concerned about their safety.

    Check to see if site mentions their policy on animal testing. It would be even more reliable if there is a cruelty free logo from an organization but I did not find one site offering Dead Sea minerals that carried this logo.

    Look for environmental concerns which may come from production, packaging, energy use or other area. Environmental concerns are a good thing to see. Overall I feel more confident with a company that provides plenty of extra information about their products and their company. Maybe not a guarantee but transparency is a good sign.

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