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Steps To Learning How To Apply Sunless Tanners

You've chosen a safe, natural, cruelty free sunless tan product and want to make sure that the results look natural. But we've all heard the horror stories or experienced them ourselves and want to do our best to avoid them. The steps below can help you learn how to apply sunless tanners.

As every one's skin is different and every product different make sure to read the recommendations for your product.

Due to the possibility of allergic reaction it is important to do
a patch test the day before, this will also help you check the color.
No orange glow for you.

Don't try applying a sunless tanner for the first time before a big event. Not a good idea. If you don't like the results you could be stuck with it for a few days. Give yourself enough time as you learn how to apply sunless tanners for the best results.

Prepare Before Using Self Tanners

The key to success when using a self tanner is in the preparation.

Have a thin pair of rubber gloves on hand and avoid problems with too much tanner absorbed in to fingernails, palms, etc. Or be prepared to wash your hands frequently during application.

A makeup sponge may be handy to have on hand for applying self tanners to some areas.

Now you're ready to learn how to apply sunless tanners. Allow enough time. You need to allow moisturizer time to be absorbed and then there's the tanner time.

Before Applying Sunless Tanners

Step 1. Shave, wax or use cream hair removers the day before.

Step 2. Exfoliate. Probably the most important step. I can not stress this enough. Now would be a good time to try dry skin brushing. or use an exfoliation mitt. Do a really thorough job, making sure to get to all parts of your body especially those where the skin may be drier such as ankles, knees, heels, elbows etc.

Step 3. Shower or bathe. You want clean skin, perspiration tends to make application streaky. Since self tanners stain the top layer of the skin all the previous steps will help remove any loose dead skin cells and smooth rough areas, helping to give a more even look.

Step 4. Use a moisturizer on dry skin areas, tanners will be more readily absorbed in to dry skin like shins, heels or elbows. Allow moisturizer time to absorb.

Now You're Ready For Application

You want to keep clothing to a minimum, none would be best, the tanner will stain.

Step 5. Take your time and apply evenly as you are learning how to apply sunless tanners. Apply with circular motions, using less tanner on absorbent or rough areas like elbows and knees or try using a makeup sponge on areas like this.

Step 6. A makeup sponge is an easy way to apply your self tanner to the backs of your hands. If you didn't use rubber gloves make sure and wipe the self tanner off your palms with a damp washcloth . Wiping excess from between fingers and toes or any other areas.

Step 7. Allow to dry thoroughly before putting on clothing, at least 15 minutes. And make sure it is clothing you do not mind staining as some tanner may rub off.

Step 8. Now you wait. It may take 3 hours for tan to fully develop, check the recommendations on your product. Time to relax, read a book, watch a movie, or go to bed, anything that does not cause you to perspire as perspiration may cause streaking.

You're done. Hopefully you are looking at beautiful tanned skin. You now have a good idea how to apply sunless tanners. You may need to experiment until you find the right techniques that work for you

Not The Results You Wanted?

If results are too light, try a second application. Wait a few hours though before trying.

Has the tanner stained some areas you don't want like around the fingernails or the palms of your hands. Nail polish remover works well around the fingernails, apply with a cotton swab. Lemon juice or toner may also work well on small mistakes.

If you are really not happy with the results, try exfoliating again. Don't feel bad learning how to apply sunless tanners takes time. Next time will be better.

Make sure you always use a sunscreen when you go out,
sunless tans do not provide any sun protection.

Since you've chosen a safe self tanner you won't feel worried about using this product repeatedly which you will probably have to do in 3 or 4 days, longer if you're lucky, to keep that tanned look which will fade as the top layers of your skin slough off. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly between applications.

Learning how to apply sunless tanners takes practice and patience but many of us have found it is worth the effort if we want that tanned look without the sun damage.

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