Light Mountain Natural in Light Red is Fantastic

Roots BEFORE first henna Lt. Mt. Natural

Roots BEFORE first henna Lt. Mt. Natural

Roots BEFORE first henna Lt. Mt. Natural First henna Lt. Mt. Natural AFTER 1 week

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I have strawberry blonde hair and I love Light Mountain Natural Hair Color in Light Red! I have been using it for about 9 months and continue to love it! I will NEVER go back to regular chemical dyes! My hair color is beautiful and now getting compliments on my hair all the time like I used to, prior to using chemical dyes to cover the beginning grays. Lt. Mtn. Natural is covering my white/lt. gray hair completely! I don't need to do the two-step "cover the gray" product! It is soft (I have always had “horse tail” course hair so I really appreciate the soft, smoothness my hair now has), and has a great shine to it. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color in Light Red has a mix of henna (lawsonia… and cassia, which is another plant/herb that will bring out a golden color in blondes but will only give conditioning benefits to darker hair)

My natural hair color is dark strawberry golden blonde- a very difficult, if not impossible color to find in haircolor. As my hair began to get gray/white hairs I started using non-permanent hair dye and then permanent (having to mix 2-3 colors to get my color) but unfortunately, the various companies kept taking away my favorite light reddish colors. Actually, this was a fortunate thing because it caused me to reconsider using a henna type of hair tint. More importantly, I didn’t like the toxic chemicals being put on my head every month. My scalp was red all the time and I was breaking out in sores too. However, I am not ready to be white/gray and have young kids at home! I also blame the shampoos with sodium laurel sulfate for my scalp problems and switched over to Trader Joe’s shampoo without SLS. My scalp only rarely gets a “zit” and my scalp is no longer red!

Here is a stark contrast between Revlon Colorsilk (the last chemical dye I used) and Henna: At EWG (Environmental Working Group) a comparison of toxicity Henna only rates a 1 (good) and Colorsilk is almost the worst at 9 (with 10 being the most toxic!) Here is their website if you want to check it out: This reminded me of how toxic and full of chemicals hair color is and we put it right on our scalp, near our brains and inhale the fumes.

Hot tips:
1. Gather hair from your hair brush and mat together in a strand to test the henna product before using it on your hair! I did this test and checked about every 5 minutes to be sure that the Lt. Mt. Natural Light Red would not turn me into a Bozo Clown or bright orange look. (it is brighter the first week and is brighter on my white gray hairs, on my darker underneath hair, it doesn’t do much and would need a darker henna mix to make a major change, the majority of my hair is now a gorgeous dark strawberry blonde. Remember, henna products will not lighten your hair, they can only add color and/or darker color.

2. I use an egg, dollop of yogurt, a little olive oil, and honey to help it rinse out easier. I always add some essential oils (usually grapefruit and lemongrass).

3. I wear a shampoo cape and use a blowdryer briefly over my plastic covered hair. It gets easier and less messy after you do it a few times.


Thanks so much for the review, pictures and tips. Very helpful to see the results.

Below I am providing an ingredient list for Light Mountain Henna:

Ingredients: Cassia auriculata (senna) leaf powder, Lawsonia inermis(henna) leaf powder and Indigoferae tinctoria (indigo) leaf powder. Our Auburn Haircolor contains only the pure botanicals and nothing else.

Content: 100% Organic Ingredients Certified by Eco-Cert under USDA/NOP guidelines.

For more info about Light Mountain Henna visit their site:

Henna is a product where it seems the best results happen when you learn about this product. Be sure to visit henna hair color to learn more about what the best resources for learning about and buying henna.

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