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Naturtint Covered My Gray Perfectly. NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes It Works! Naturtint will cover the gray very well. You must purchase the product that has an expiration date at least two (2) years out. For example, now 2018, 2019, 2020. I purchased sale products on the internet-no effect. Found the product, Naturtint at my local health food store expiring 2019-perfect cover of my mature gray and perfect dark-golden blonde. I have allergies and the product has been my best friend for my healthy hair over the past eight years. All the best Divas! 👠

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by: LuvMyKinks

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Not Satisfied Did Not Work
by: Anonymous

I,ve used hair dyes over the years this has beed the worst. It did not cover the Grey. Would not recommend.

by: Anonymous

Fine information. Thanks so much, have a good day!

by: naila

I used this colour 3 times,didnt cover my grey at all,what type of colour we should use,i ve got dark brown hair with grey roots.

Lovely, easy, vegan
by: Travelveg

I wanted a hair coloring that was vegan, with no animal testing, which led me to Naturtint. I hoped it would measure up to conventional products in ease of application and color, but was so happy that Naturtint *surpassed* all others I've tried over the years. The color is pretty and has highlights that make my hair look, well, natural. Super-wonderful!

by: Samantha Butler

I am surprised by the previous comments because it covered my grey perfectly. I am so delighted with the colour and ease of use. It has a really lovely tint if you follow the instructions. It is vegan, I have researched throughly, so therefore the company nor its suppliers. Honestly absolutely brilliant & looks like it will last ages.

The only dye I will ever use.
by: shley

I have been dying my hair with Naturtint since I was 10. 9 years later my hair is just as healthy as ever. I think I may have used just about every color they have. From the mohaganys to the reds to the neutrals. I am in love with Naturtint! Of coarse it is on the pricey side and still contains a tiny amount of chemicals but it is the Best permanent hair dye in its category! I tried Herbatint, once they didnt even have a aplicater bottle! Oh and for those who used a Naturtint Blonde over Brown/Dark hair your hair is red and orangey because you probably lightened more than two shades at a time. Naturtint is not agressive enough to do that.

no animal testing for Naturtint
by: Linda

I have used Naturtint for a while and one of the reasons I bought it was because they did not do animal testing. If you look on the box at the bottom of one of the side panels you will see a few logos and one of them is a no animal testing logo.

No comment on box about animal testing
by: Anonymous

I used the dark chestnut brown and it turned out an ugly black with a maroon red cast to it. I hope it fades soon. I also thought it was not tested on animals because of its green box and the fact that it came from Whole Foods, but it turns out that there nothing has been noted on the box. This means that somewhere along the line they test on animals, or contract with another company to test on animals. Very devious.

Your Help
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Anonymous--J

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the replies. My hair was a dark blond, but after reading the ehow link, it may have been light brown instead since I got much more red than I would have liked or anticipated. My hair did seem to match the color on the box and I expected the color after dye to be much more blond.
I appreciate the help and the comments. I'm going to wait a few weeks and try something else.
It just kills me b/c my hair was so healthy, not a color I liked, but very healthy. Now I have a horrible color and it's like straw :( Time heals all, right?
Thanks again!

removing color
by: Anonymous

Check out this page for some ideas:

Follow-up Question
by: Judith

Would anyone be able to tell me how best to remove the naturetint color (med blond and strawberry blond combination) from my grey hair? I want to go back to grey and would like to remove the color to make the growing out process easier. It's okay if it doesn't all come out. I just want the line between red and grey not to be so defined.

To Anonymous Using Honey Blond
by: Pamela

You did not mention how dark your hair was before you colored but most more natural hair coloring products will only lighten hair about 2 shades at the most. I know most products show a chart on the back of the box of hair colors that are achieved when the product is used on different hair colors. Unfortunately, it is not always reliable and the only way to know for sure how the color will react on your hair is a strand test.

Have you tried contacting Naturtint to see what they suggest?

Naturtint Honey Blond, didn't work out so well for me
by: Anonymous

So I hadn't colored my hair since before I became pregnant with my 5 year old son. For the past 5 years I have used Terressentials mud hair wash. I feel like I truly found my natural hair color, which was a little muddy and a little too dark for me. Recently decided it was time to give my hair a color lift.

I chose Naturtint Honey Blond 9N to do the job. Well, my hair is nothing close to honey blond, it is red. Looks terrible. :( Nothing even close to the color on the box or at the display. Very sad. I'm not sure what to do now, it's heinous. Any suggestions? I would never buy this product again.

by: Bernadette

My sister is a raw foods chef and nutrition expert. I sent her the ingredient list for Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant. She wrote back and said, "Wow, that IS scary. Right off the bat you have a glycol ether (PEG is polyethelene glycol), these have been deemed environmental hazards by the Environmental Protection Agency in regards to the air. So wouldn't want to use that on my head! Glycol ethers contain the main ingredient in brake fluid and often stay on your head for weeks before
washing off."

I have used Naturtint twice and I love what it does for my hair. It is shiny and the color doesn't fade (a problem I have always encountered with reds.) However, I will not use it again because of the health risk! It is too bad they had to use poison to make an effective product.


Thanks for your comments Benadette.

I agree with you about the ingredients in permanent hair color even the ones that are considered more natural. From my experience, I do not know of any permanent hair color products that do not contain some nasty ingredients.

The advantage though to choosing some of the more natural varieties like Naturtint, Eco Colors and Tints of Nature is that they keep the chemicals to a minimum, try to use the safest forms of chemicals and use more natural ingredients.

You can avoid many of the chemicals by choosing a temporary product but the safest hair coloring is henna. You can learn about more natural hair color by checking out this page:

Not sure
by: Anonymous

I am ambivalent about this product.

I used the sage brown many years ago. It did not appear to initially damage hair, but after repeated usage I did notice some breakage as with semi permanent dyes.

It faded quickly. So I needed to use it about every six weeks.

I did recently try the cola color again because my hair was feeling dry after using a permanent dye.

I thought the cola color would have red accents. It was a very flat black. It did not damage the hair after one use.

Unfortunately this color did not fade and I had to use a color remover to remove the black dye.

If you try this product use a light color.

The lighter color had dimension. The cola was too flat. It looked like shoe polish on my hair

It does not lighten. It is deposit only.

I do think this is more gentle than permanent dyes. It seems equivalent to a semi permanent no ammonia drugstore dye.

Naturtint worked great for my gray!
by: Kate

I had my hairdresser apply Naturtint for both lowlights and highlights. It is odor free, gentle and covered my 80% gray hair beautifully.

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