Why Shop For
Organic Cotton Clothing?

Stewart and Brown Organic Cotton

Have you seen organic cotton clothing in stores where you shop?

Most of the time when I head into a store I usually look around to see if I can find any clothing made from eco friendly fabrics. I can usually turn up a few things, usually organic cotton shirts and baby clothing. Nothing exciting but I suppose at least it's something.

In my area I have noticed especially with organic tees that the price is often comparable to conventional cotton. That's good news but I am wondering if when confronted with a choice with comparable items if more of us are choosing the organic item. I'm not sure that is the case.

It is easier to understand the value of choosing organic food and possibly even organic skin care but organic cotton clothing well.... that's another matter.

Making The Case For Organic Cotton

Today, I am wearing a cotton t-shirt and denim jeans. They're comfortable, feel good clothes. But consider this, if these are conventionally grown one pound of toxic chemicals was used to grow and process these two simple items.

A Few Facts

  • The Organic Exchange reports that cotton provides at least half of the world's need for fabric so it is grown by millions of farmers worldwide. Many people are dependent on cotton crops from the farmer, to the workers, the manufacturers, the retailers and us.
  • According to the Organic Trade Association, in the U.S., conventionally grown cotton accounts for up to 25% of all pesticides used to grow all crops. (pesticides include herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators.) We all know the dangers of pesticides, so it is not surprising that many cotton farmers and workers report symptoms of poisoning from chemicals used in cotton production.
  • Pesticides affect the soil, water and air we all share, even if we never set foot near a cotton field.
  • Part of the problem with conventionally grown cotton is the increased need for more cotton. Farmers in an effort to meet demand increase production and often that is accomplished by using more chemicals. One of the problems that can occur is when an immunity develops in insects or weeds to the pesticides and either more are needed or more sophisticated chemicals are used.

    Growing Organic Cotton

    According to the Organic Trade Association the U.S. is taking a lead. My home state of Texas along with a few other states have seen a big increase in organic cotton growing.

    Why aren't we seeing more organic cotton clothing?

    Despite this being a growing market there still aren't nearly enough organic farmers to meet our needs for cotton. For the conventional grower, it can initially be more costly and time consuming transitioning conventional cotton to organic.

    Certification can be expensive and it takes at least 3 years for organic certification. The use of natural insect control and fertilizers can initially be more expensive. But as cotton farmers become more productive and their soil becomes richer and more pest and disease resistant, it becomes easier and costs come down.

    For designers and manufacturers needing a reliable supply this becomes a problem that some of them are trying to solve by developing their own supply chain and working with farmers to grow cotton to meet their needs. This provide growers an incentive of having a ready made market for their organic cotton.

    We Can Help By Choosing Organic Cotton Clothing

    Here is where you have to ask yourself. Even though you might not feel like you are personally affected in the same way you might be if you ate organic food is it important to buy organic clothing. When I weigh all the benefits to the environment and to people involved to me the answer is yes. What about you?

    Stewart and Brown Organic Cotton

    So, lets say organic clothing is something you want to add to your wardrobe. There are a few things to consider. Not all organic cotton is created the same. Organic cotton may be processed with chemicals such as formaldehyde, chlorine bleach and heavy metal dyes or minimally processed with environmental friendly alternatives like low impact dyes.

    Ideally, you would buy the most eco friendly one but what about the organic cotton shirt that you found at Costco and you don't know how it was processed? If I'm in the market for organic cotton clothing I will look first at place where I know all about the fabric. Personally though, if I find a shirt I like made of organic cotton I'm not going to refuse to buy it just because I'm not sure how it was processed.

    Stewart and Brown Organic Cotton

    Where To Shop

  • Beautifully styled clothing in a variety of eco friendly materials are found at Stewart and Brown. (Clothing right and above is from here).
    Stewart and Brown.
  • Soft comfortable organic cotton clothing that is great for casual wear, lounging or exercise plus lingerie and kids items. Look here for your next favorite comfy shirt.
    Blue Canoe.
  • Organic cotton clothing from many different eco fashion designers such as Edun, Stewart and Brown, Of the Earth among others. Everything from lingerie to jeans.
    The Green Loop.
  • HAE NOW Tee shirt

  • Hae Now carries organic cotton shirts for the whole family right down to the smallest member. Their shirts are made to last and are affordably priced . Hae Now's shirts are produced following fair trade standards using certified organic cotton and low impact dyes.
    Hae Now
  • Amazon offers organic cotton clothing for the whole family. It is easy to add organics to your wardrobe when shopping here. I found most styles to be comfortable and casual. It's not just clothing either it's underwear, socks, hats and nighties.

    I've looked at the different brands that sell clothing through Amazon and many of them but not all are concerned with the environmental impacts of their fabrics.
    Organic Cotton Clothing
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