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Choose Reusable Shopping Bags

Have you bought your reusable shopping bags yet? Are you still in line at the grocery store trying to decide between paper or plastic? Well, cut it out and get busy finding reusable grocery bags that are right for you.

You Can Be Greener Than Paper or Plastic

You've heard the question. Which is better paper or plastic? After years of arguing back and forth it turns out the answer is neither. Both types of shopping bags have been found to be poor environmental choices.

The creation of either bag uses massive amounts of resources for a product that for the most part is thrown away. Even with recycling efforts it has been found that a very small percentage of bags used are actually being recycled. So where are all these bags ending up? Everywhere.

Some of them do end up in landfills and the rest can be found just about any time you take walk. They are in the trees, blowing down the street or found on shorelines just about everywhere. ReusableBags.com has a running tally of over 400 billion plastic bags used in an11 month period. That's just too many bags.

Fortunately there is something you can do and reusable shopping bags are the answer.

swans and shopping bag

Tips For Finding The Right Bags For You

A shopping bag is a shopping bag right? All shopping bags will hold stuff but there can be a big difference in where and how bags are made, quality, styles, materials and sizes. It's a lot to consider but these tips may help make the decision easier.

  • Avoid the cheapie or freebie bags offered by many stores and businesses. Cheaply made bags that won't last are not a good idea either. While you might save some plastic bags from the dump these inexpensive bags become trash themselves far too soon and you are left with having to get more. It's just a waste of resources.
  • Choose good quality well made bags. I know they are more expensive but a good bag should last for many years.
  • Consider a bag made with natural fabrics. Choosing a reusable shopping bag is a very green thing all by itself. Why not go one step further and choose a bag made from fabrics like organic cotton, hemp or other natural material. These fabrics are sustainable and your bag will be biodegradable when it is time to toss it.
  • Think about how you plan on carrying and using your bags. If you want something to fit in your handbag choose a less structured bag that will fold down into a small size making them easy to stash but it's lack of structure may make some items harder to carry. A more structured bag holds it's shape and is rarely as compact but it does a better job at providing support for items placed in it. It's the same difference you experience when carrying things in a plastic bag or a paper bag.

    If in doubt go with the soft, easy to stash bag. At least you won't forget to take it.
  • Check to see if the shopping bags are fair trade or fair made. Look for reusable bags made by companies with concern for the welfare of workers.
  • Where To Shop

    Let's get you on your way to finding the right reusable shopping bags.


    This online store is the best source for all kinds of reusable products from reusable shopping bags, produce bags, lunch bags, water bottles and more. Here you will find bags made from organic cotton, hemp, linen, recycled plastic, bamboo and more. While they carry bags made from different manufacturers their own Acme line was created with both environmental and ethical standards. They offer bags from the beautiful to the purely functional and everything in between. Check out: reusablebags.com

    Envirosax Reusable Bamboo Bag


    They call themselves "the original designer reusable bags" and they do offer a big selection of bags in all price ranges and fabrics with fun, creative and beautiful designs and colors. Their organic series is made from sustainable materials and a do it yourself series allows you to choose a pouch and three different designs for special price. Make sure to visit: Envirosax.


    Another great selection of bags and other items. A wide variety of fabrics some sustainable. There seems to be a bag here for every need and price range. If you are creative they carry a big collection of plain canvas bags ready for you to add your own personal touches. Visit ECOBAGS.

    Nature Bag

    Nature Bag

    These reusable shopping bags are made from kudzu, a junglevine, by the Khmu people of Laos, Southeast Asia. These unique bags have been used by the locals for many years as a tough, reliable way to carry their daily essentials. For us these bags offer an attractive tote made from natural, biodegradeable materials and a way to help provide this region with much needed support. See the full selection of bags at Nature Bag.

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