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The big difference between vegan beauty products and other products is the animal ingredients. They do not necessarily perform any better or worse and they may or may not contain the most natural or safest ingredients but for someone who does not want any animals harmed for their beauty products it is the only way to go.

You would shop for products that do not contain animal ingredients the same way you shop for any other safe, natural skin care by knowing about the ingredients that are used. You will just have additional items to consider.

Animal ingredients are quite common in all of our personal care products. Beeswax, lanolin and collagen and some color additives are a few of the more commonly used ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. Unless you know which ingredients come from animals it is not always easy to tell. See animal ingredients. for more info

Vegan certification makes it easier to find companies that don't use animal ingredients additionally look for companies like Aubrey Organics that clearly let you know which products are vegan and which aren't. The term cruelty free may also be used but this is something I would check up on to make sure that they are referring to animal ingredients and not animal testing.

Checklist For Shopping For Any Product

Finding the best skincare whether it's vegan or not is always important. You should expect your products to be:

  • Safe

  • Natural, organic if possible.

  • Without animal testing.

  • Without animal ingredients.

  • Made by companies who are environmentally responsible.

  • Always a plus, some ingredients sourced fair trade.

  • The companies below are a few that can claim to meet most if not all of these requirements. They have found that you don't need to use animal ingredients to work well and help you look your best.

    Vegan Beauty Products Head to Toe

  • Sanre Organic SkinFood This company creates natural, organic skin care. It is easy to see why they call it skin food. Papaya, orange and cucumber along with other good for our skin ingredients are found in their products.

  • Max Green Alchemy is a company I've mentioned before and with good reason. Great hair care products plus a new line of skin care all made from plant ingredients. Good for both men and women.

  • Morrocco Method has a complete line of vegan beauty products. From problem hair to everyday care along with spa, bath and body care. Thorough site with plenty of great resources

  • Lamas Beauty is the creation of Peter Lamas a long time Hollywood stylist who created his products in response to the unhealthy products being used.

  • Gabriel Cosmetics Cosmetics, skin and hair care for the whole family using healing properties found in products from the sea like sea kelp and seaweed extract.

  • Amazon has a great selection of Vegan Beauty Products like the ones seen below.

  • vegan beauty products vegan beauty products vegan beauty products

    What About At The Salon?

    I know whenever I go to the salon I am told about all the wonderful products they use. It seems salon quality products are different somehow. Presumably better. The ones I have seen have not contained the safest ingredients but that and an interest in animal friendly products is starting to change. It's good to see that stylists now have more natural options available to them and for us who buy their products from the salon.

    The companies below provide more natural, vegan products. Ask your stylist about them. They can be ordered through Planet Beauty:

  • Pureology Serious care for color treated hair.

  • Abba High quality complete hair care.

  • More Vegan Beauty Products


  • Alima Cosmetics Mineral based cosmetics plus a nice selection of vegan brushes. This company offers really nice cosmetics along with a commitment to being natural and cruelty free.

  • Nail care:

  • No Miss is my favorite brand of nail polish. A growing line of great colors in a safer formula.

  • Soap:

  • Soap Goddess has a wonderful selection of handmade soaps. High quality vegetable and essential oils create a luxurious and indulgent bathing experience even for the men in your life.

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